The Dogfather

The Dogfather

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Azrael Burns By GlowingGreenEyes Updated Apr 25, 2019

A headlining detective dog with a big heart and lack of logic tries to take down a crime ring while his daughter does all the real detective work. 

Jack Ratson ships off from Sheffield to Afton in search of Priscilla Thackett and Thomas Bone, two people running a notorious underground crime ring in the large city. His adopted daughter, Katie, is a sly cat that knows what she's doing, and does her best to help him out. He accidentally falls for a man that he thinks might be the one of his dreams, but Will keeps refusing his affections. 

The principal of the prestigious high school, Mr. Quilton, is concerned that some of his students might be dealing in the ring, or at least getting their fix from it. The owner of the boarding house, Bunnie, knows nothing. The Malcolm Family refuse to speak, keeping their maws shut and sending their funds to undisclosed people. Priscilla and Thomas are nowhere to be found.

It's only when things start not adding up that Jack starts to realize the façade of the city is slowly falling apart.