*~ Sticks And Stones ~*  #Harry Styles Punk/Dark#

*~ Sticks And Stones ~* #Harry Styles Punk/Dark#

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Hollyvickygriffin By Hollyvickygriffin Updated Jul 07, 2014

A/N - So yea  it is a Harry Styles fanfiction, No he is not in this chapter, yes he will be in the next one! Oh and in the next one something risky happens to Finite!! :) Enjoy! xox

-- Fin's POV --

http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=111492311 - OUTFIT 

I rested my weary head on the train window; I listened to the vibrations while observing the countryside. My luggage sat peacefully beside me, my life was held within this suitcase. 19 years, 1 suitcase. I moved my head back to the seat before inserting my headphones into my pierced ears. I contemplated the last few years of my dreary life. 5 mounts ago I had no idea I had a father, I thought I was alone. Especially after my mother dying and my aunt taking me in, I had no idea what to think. I held the letter my mother had written for my nineteenth birthday tightly in my fragile hands. I still hadn't opened it. I had to much on my mind, especially after my Aunt died of cancer. I gently opened the envelope to find a lilac sheet of pape...

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