Emma Carter just moved into a new town thanks to her mum's new job. And a new town obviously leads to a new school. A school full of gossip, gossip & more gossip.  And whats the usual trending topic? Tyler O'Brian of course. The 'Bad boy' of the school. He was also the hottest, coldest, most moody guy there.  Emma was the complete opposite. She screamed innocence. She studied, was shy, loved by almost everyone she meets, and always puts people before herself.  So what's with the sudden interest that Tyler has with the new girl?  (sorry I suck at this kind of thing, please don't let it fool you! Read the story and then judge)
Okay u can't smoke in a cafeteria lol and why does every girl "bump" into the bad guy -.- lets be original people.
boys and girls are separated in my school. the boys go outside & the girls stay inside.
Two of my best friends are twins and I can assure you that they do not speak in unison they do talk to each other with looks sometimes and that's kinda creepy I guess
Is it bad that I would stand on the seat and start dancing on it...probably
idk why i'm thinking of that nerdy kid with the glasses from the polar express- the one with the weird voice, and he snuck inside santa's bag
Ugh what a disappointment I was waiting for him to say something fire, drop the mic and walk away like a gangsta as the crowd goes wild but that was totes lame man.