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❝I didn't chose you. I just took one look at you, and then there was just no turning back. I swore to myself to never fall in love with you but we laughed way too hard one day and I knew I was screwed. But now you're gone and I lost my chance, suddenly I'm drowning in the things I never told you.❞ 

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A story where a seventeen year old girl moves into a new town to try and escape her tragic past, only to be presented with yet another tragic beginning. 

Tahlia Lively goes through pain, grief, heartbreak, sadness but also finds happiness, love, and family. Things she thought she had lost forever, things she thought she didn't deserve to have again. 

After recently spending a year grieving from the incident that took everyone and everything from her, a new window opens up for her.  

A fresh start, and she's left with two options; continue to push everyone away and remain stone cold, saving herself from anymore heartbreak, she didn't know how much agony she could take. Or she can put herself at risk once more and take a leap at being vulnerable, just to find what she had lost. 

{ i suck at descriptions but please give it chance! } 

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i'm three weeks into the school year and honey, i ain't pulling through
Alexxia01 Alexxia01 Oct 10
literally my favorite song so imma love this story, I'm calling it !!!!
MsPosey101 MsPosey101 2 days ago
Fave song from the album that’s why I clicked on this book!
This song makes me so emotional, but I love it so much ❤️💔
LivBlanc9673 LivBlanc9673 6 days ago
In this modern day the struggle to keep things untouched by HUMANS is eventually going to be no more.
GloomySushiRoll GloomySushiRoll 3 days ago
I don't want to sound rude or anything, but just a pointer, leaf plural is 'Leaves'