A Chance in the Anime World

A Chance in the Anime World

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カール·フォン·シュワン By Carl_von_Schwann Updated Mar 23, 2016

(Part 1: Rewriting the Story)

A lover of all anime. That's Tetsuya Takeshima, 17 years old, living the normal life in Japan for almost a year now. Not. Just on his first day in a Japanese school, he was bullied and called a weirdo.

Coming home defeated, he wished to be in the anime world, where he thinks the people would accept him. Hearing this wish, goddess-slash-protector Athena grants Takeshima's plea and introduces him to the Dream World, where everything is practically possible. But along with this exciting announcement comes Takeshima's mission:

He has 50 days in the anime world. He will travel into various anime he knows, and has to find a girl to love. Once this mission succeeds, he can bring the girl with him in the real world. If that mission is in vain, he dies in the Dream World; if he dies in the Dream World, he dies in the real world too.

Gods interfering with his mission, danger awaiting, hidden powers, a thrilling adventure, but Takeshima still accepts.

Join him as he jumps through anime worlds, attracting women, defeating villains, solving mysteries, colliding worlds, making new discoveries, figuring out who he really is.

Ultimate credit to SheIsAHellishAngel.

Kudos to the owner of the main pic, and Fotor.com for the main cover.

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Your_kawaiisenpai14 Your_kawaiisenpai14 May 02, 2017
This is honestly the only book I find hilarious in Wattpad :-) *dope face*
HoneyStarDrops HoneyStarDrops Mar 17, 2016
I think ur the dumb one here... He's Japanese but just grew up in America so clearly, his nationality isn't American
Sadistic_Fifth_Alice Sadistic_Fifth_Alice Oct 06, 2015
I can totally relate, I care much about my manga than muself
a042603 a042603 May 09, 2015
I'm writing a story like this, except in the reverse order. Anime comes to real life! =D I can tell this will be an AMAZING story!
Totaldramafan339 Totaldramafan339 Apr 01, 2014
I like it, it's well thought out with a nice plot. Good book