A Dark Desire

A Dark Desire

136K Reads 4.7K Votes 6 Part Story
Emma Leech By LaDameBlanche Completed

She saw him once.

Just a glimpse of those golden eyes... and now she will do anything, risk anything,

to see him again.

A Fae Lands short story and prequel to The Dark Series.

The Dark Prince
The Dark Heart
The Dark Deceit
The Darkest Night

A Dark Tale (short story prequel)

The Key to Erebus (The French Vampire Legend: related to the Dark Series)

Rose_259 Rose_259 Apr 22
Ummm...can someone pleade tell me what the h is in the picture? 'Cause I'm really confused right now.
Chetsi_99 Chetsi_99 Apr 27
Hey. I wanted to ask which one is exactly the 1st book in this series?... Like what's the sequence of the books? I am very confused...
FatimaHaab FatimaHaab Jan 07
hey.....I'm so happie so excited to read the dark prince book 1 to 4.....the four books are so very perfect...you really doing a good job and  I will like to tell you to keep it up and plz is there book 5.....tnx alot
danitadyeradams danitadyeradams Oct 12, 2014
Change of plans, first this book, then Dark Promise, the #2 in the Dark Series.
Thatonewriter12345 Thatonewriter12345 Feb 26, 2014
I will never be as good as writer as you:( but you inspire me to work harder:) thank you for being my inspiration)
evelynedomnica evelynedomnica Jan 30, 2014
a prequel to the Dark Series sounds interesting.. i am so happy to see your work. can't wait to read it.