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Great, Just Great , I'm stuck in naruto why?*Under editing *

Great, Just Great , I'm stuck in naruto why?*Under editing *

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....... By tsubakichaninnaruto Completed

Misaki is an average girl well, as average as a narutard who's brother and sister are the reason she became the way she is. Then, suddenly she get sucked into naruto world?!?! What happen when a certain Uchiha starts to take a liking to her? find it out! what powers does she hide.~~~ DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN NARUTO IT BELONG TO MISASHI KISHIMOTO if I got his name right. Me#2: sorry for the shitty summary

sparrowblack sparrowblack Sep 05, 2016
"I don't know who you are but I AM FROM AMEERRRRICA GOD BLESS WITH OUR RED WHITE AND BLUE" -Me with country accent be like.
donut_eating_moron donut_eating_moron Jun 05, 2016
I'm so bad at remembering passwords, I've got at least two or more accounts of everything. Remember that hopefully it'd make someone happy, other than my sister. (But she just finds pleasure in all my failures)
Bleachforlife Bleachforlife Jul 01, 2016
I never remember my passwords I have to write it down but then I lose the paper and I have to make a new account 
                              But i stay logged in know i learned my lesson
Jeizel_26 Jeizel_26 Oct 25, 2016
I used to watch Naruto with my brother and cousins during our childhood days. Reading this damn I got some feels
hungairenhorntail hungairenhorntail Nov 10, 2016
Will one of you PLEASE tell me what it means I've looked all over and asked but I can't find the meaning and NO ONE WILL TELL ME
tri-force66 tri-force66 Nov 14, 2016
i thought u said it was jeff from bloody marriage, not jeff from creepypasta, as in my bae's!