Restricted Chapters <3

Restricted Chapters <3

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✟Christy Gumdrop✟ By xXxSinfulxPassionxXx Completed

My Pet's Possessive Ways 

Chapter 7 (Rated Scene)



I pulled my wrist out of his loosened grip, I wrapped both of my arms around his neck holding him to me.

"Mark me" I whispered.

Jack pulled back away from me staring down at me. "No, you can't heal quickly like us. You will be hurt for days"

I frowned, "I'm not weak, I handled Malice when he tortured me, I handled my ribs being broken by some freak so do you really think I can't handle a bite?" 

"I don't want to hurt you" He said with his eyes full of fear. What did I do to deserve such a caring man? I smiled.

"I know, but I want this. I'm asking for it" I cupped his cheek, leaning up pressing me lips against his.


"Mark me" I whispered kissing him on his nose, cheek, and forehead. "Mark me" I whispered with each kiss.

He growled, "Lori you don't know what you're asking" I knew I was getting him when I felt his body temperature rise slowly.

"I'm asking you to make ...

Aurora_the_magician Aurora_the_magician Jan 04, 2013
@jasperhalelover  Uhmm, no ya don't! Everyone is thinking the same sooo......I guess we're all whores ^^
                              Oh, and @xXxSinfulxPassionxXx None of that 'bad spelling'-crap! You did your job only because it's a sex chapter?
WhiskeyLullaby WhiskeyLullaby Nov 23, 2012
loved it haha. do it for stella and Adrian and Rosie and Heath too!
Natoya_ Natoya_ Aug 12, 2012
i think u should post more that was really good for the first time  0=)
L0V3ILY L0V3ILY May 19, 2012
I feel like a weirdo commenting on this but i liked it :) and about the kiss thing..i was 5 years old and he was 6 ..we were digging for worms in my uncle's backyard and he dared the boy to kiss me o.o it was okay i guess lol but its all okay now because he is now my crushie  <3 hehehe
AlondraWilder AlondraWilder Apr 23, 2012
That wast amazing for your first time trying it I thought u had done this before that was awesome
StoryLuver1510 StoryLuver1510 Apr 17, 2012
I thought you did amazing, definatley for your first time. So GOOO YOOUU!!! :D