Every 'Jack' .... has a "Jill"

Every 'Jack' .... has a "Jill"

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Rajnandini Saroj Bhutada By itsRajnandini Updated Nov 28, 2019

Kabir Mehra - Introvert , Smart yet Conscious,
  No hopes for a love marriage still
  planning to get married... an arranged
He doesn't like changes in his life
  Will he open up??? 
  will he find Love ???

Arushi Singh- Extrovert,Carefree ,Confident,
  Waiting for her Mr.Right ....
  But her family has another plans for her ..
  Will she go for an arranged marriage?
What will happen when these two individuals who are poles apart are tied in a bond of marriage...
will Kabir change from a Geek to a Hopeless romantic?
Will Arushi be able to get rid of all his insecurities & Phobias? 

Will Arushi be able to change this arranged marriage into an arranged love???
If they do so ???? Still the story doesn't end here ..


Among the society's wrath , family's pressure ... 
Will they be able to support each other ??? 

Will they fight the odds & be happily ever after ...
Will their love last forever

To know this ,
Welcome to EVERY 'JACK' HAS A "JILL" ...
By:-Rajnandini Saroj Bhutada