Blood Alpha

Blood Alpha

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Pippa_Ace By Pippa_Ace Updated 4 days ago

Alyssa Bowers is the first female Alpha in over three centuries.  She is not the Luna, she has no mate yet, she runs her pack of rogues the same way an male Alpha runs his pack. 

Damien Shaw is a three hundred year old Alpha, he is cruel, and cynical. His pack is the strongest out there. 

What happens when the world finds out about the first female Alpha and what happens when her mate thinks she will sit idly by and help him run his pack. 


This story contains mature scenes, please read at your own risk!

#44 Paranormal - 21/11/18
#32 Paranormal - 23/11/18
#142 Fantasy - 23/11/18

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Walldancer Walldancer Aug 29, 2017
I love the new twist you put on rogues! Dancing and celebrating and being happy is a nice touch ❤
Walldancer Walldancer Aug 24, 2017
I adore how well you wrote this! You took your time spelling things out right and making a good sentence structure. (Which is super important) Goshhhhh it's so nice! I like the way you present your MC, she's gonna be awesome I just know it! :)