We Are Human

We Are Human

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Roxanne By thinkpurple28 Completed

The truth is that you can't really rely on anyone but yourself

It doesn't matter what the Disney Channel teaches

Or who wants to hold your hand

In the end, you have to be your own best friend

The only one that you can make stay with you through hell and high water

Anyone who says they don't put themselves first

Hasn't been pushed to the brink of their own mental sanity yet.

We are human

Disgustingly selfish by nature

And anyone that claims otherwise struggles with our other tendency

Intentional ignorance

People will never do anything selflessly

Even if they think they are

There's some sick relief when you get to be assured you're a good person

Because you raked a pile of leaves for your sick neighbor without payment

Or listened to jazz with your grandma, even though you hate it

Or stood up for someone who was getting harassed

People who say they only care about the community

The greater good


Scientific progress

The children in the ghettos of some Third World co...

thinkpurple28 thinkpurple28 Sep 22, 2012
@Bitwiddle Wow, that's a really interesting and kind of sad thing to hear about. I agree with your thoughts big time (if you couldn't tell by the poem). Thanks for the feedback!
Ims0Pawsome Ims0Pawsome Apr 19, 2012
@thinkpurple28 your welcome! and haha! glad i could make you chuckle :D
thinkpurple28 thinkpurple28 Apr 19, 2012
@DrainBamage Thanks! Oh, and your username made me chuckle :)
Fantasybooknerd Fantasybooknerd Apr 16, 2012
So true!! But then again I've always listened to myself and myself only. Its not that I don't care what people say but if I listen to them they try to influence my choices, though they are still my own.
EnlightenedSoul EnlightenedSoul Apr 15, 2012
Whoa! Kind of shocked me for a while!  Sends a very deep message! Great Job! :)
madaugust madaugust Apr 13, 2012
I agree with this idea completely, it's amazing what you did with it. This really spoke to me, thank you for the brilliant and inspiring read.<3