The Story of Us-- One Direction/ Harry Styles Fanfiction

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Jenn & Sonja By HazandBooBearx Updated 2 years ago
Charlotte Beck is a young, rebellious girl growing up in Long Beach, North Carolina. Her mother has just divorced her father for a younger guy and Charlotte is left behind to fend for her family. Just as she thinks her life is over, she meets a young boy by the name of Harry Styles. Drawn to him by his good looks and charming personality, Charlotte finds herself in a dilemma. Is Harry's want for her pure or is there another man far better for her?
Like it. Totally, and utterly, like it. I LOVE it. Keep up the good work! - Zee
Wow, that must be so awkward. She was about to commit suicide when Harry's acting all cheeky. It's going to be like- he was flirting with her and she would say 'well, you just interrupted my suicide'O.o
wow.....i just started reading this and it is awesome!! :):) one of the best i have read!!!
Hate it. Hahaha just kidding, absolutely brilliant! Better then mine... :|
This is really good. Keep writing. You have a talent that makes me want to read more. That is what makes an amazing writer. You describe everything so well so that us readers know what your talking about. Awesome job and I'm voting for you!!! =-)
OMG I LOVE IT!!!! and the character Charlotte has the same name as me which makes it so much better!!! <33333