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I Pinky Swear

I Pinky Swear

486 Reads 10 Votes 1 Part Story
Undecided By MaybeOrMaybeNot Completed

A short story about a little girl named Lilly, her older sister, Alice, and their crazy mildly depressing life.

MaybeOrMaybeNot MaybeOrMaybeNot Dec 07, 2012
@books_for_you @ReiTomachi thank you guys!! i would've responded sooner but i haven't checked on this story in a while. it means so much that you liked this :)
books_for_you books_for_you Jul 31, 2012
this was great!!! i teared up a little at the end. my only critizism is that it should be longer!!!!
MaybeOrMaybeNot MaybeOrMaybeNot Mar 06, 2011
@harypotersbigestfan @Blush18  Thanks for the input peoples! i really appreciate it :) haha wish i could say more but i think that covers it :D :D
MaybeOrMaybeNot MaybeOrMaybeNot Jan 13, 2011
@dumpygirl Thank you so much! I'm a little speechless right now I didn't think I would get such a good response on this story! I'm really happy I moved you so much with this and I kind of want to keep saying thanks over and over again but i'll just stick with two so thank you again :)