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[COMPLETE!] Experiment [Creepypasta x Reader]

[COMPLETE!] Experiment [Creepypasta x Reader]

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Turquoise54 By Turquoise54 Completed

[Creepypasta x Reader]
The experiment is tired of being alone. There are people out there, yes. People who care for her, and some who understand. Yes they understand her, yes some of them only wish the best for her. But they are not the people she wants to confide in. They are not the people who protected her when the rest turned away. They are not the people she loves. She is growing tired of trying to find a new family. She just wants to be with her old one.

CandyPopGirl16 CandyPopGirl16 a day ago
I don't really care but if this happened irl I sure would care
CandyPopGirl16 CandyPopGirl16 a day ago
Uhm... ( puts holy water on computer and other electronics and then about 5 minutes later gathers all the electronics in the house and burns it ) my life is more important and if I'm getting haunted by a touch phone where ben can see me I miles will get a flip phone!
                              MOTHERFUCKING NEKO, BITCHES!!!
CandyPopGirl16 CandyPopGirl16 a day ago
Am I the only one who thought of the episode of spongebob where squidward was telling that story of the hand slinging slasher and spongebob kept taking off his arms saying "you mean like this"? ( arms grows back quickly )
I could never do that....sounds like a lot of work and I'm a very lazy person.
BabyArcangelnew BabyArcangelnew 4 days ago
                              7 ISN'T SYMMETRICAL 
                              (Anyone got the reference?)