The Huntress

The Huntress

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satan By WingsOfDarkness200 Updated Aug 25, 2017

"My dear, you are special, I can sense it."

"W-what do you mean." A little girl said in an adorable 6 year old voice.

"You will bring the difference to the war..."


The old women's voice changed, it became raspy and her eyes glowed an eerie green,

"One child, the unpure hunter, turns.       With abilities and strength beyond any.      Death comes and sacrifices are made.     The war will change with a single choice"

She gasped falling to the ground, the poor 6 year old didn't know what to do.  

The women rasped and yelled  "A prophecy! It's been repeated only once. Guard the words! Now run child!!! They are coming!"         

They are coming.

  • amaryllis
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  • mates
  • sacrifices
  • she-wolf
  • supernaturals
  • war
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CaptainOfThatShip CaptainOfThatShip Jun 18, 2016
U know what else is coming? 😉😏
                              Winter. Winter is Coming.
Wolf-of-the-night Wolf-of-the-night Jun 24, 2016
...everyone thought of Justin biebers song but I was coming to say
                              Your a hizzard warry
L0up-chan L0up-chan Feb 01, 2016
I guess you can say he's heartless now. Get it?  Too early? Okay, I'll stop.
JiminsWifeau JiminsWifeau Oct 27, 2016
I'm so fkn happy the fist story with Alexandra daddarrio as the girl lead ya
KeoWolfOnline KeoWolfOnline Mar 04, 2016
No your all are wrong theses dots are mine I'll call them charlie lol jk
isabelleronin isabelleronin Jun 30, 2014
Wow. This is crazy good. I don't read fantasy but this one I will :)