Where the Hurricane Meets a Blizzard

Where the Hurricane Meets a Blizzard

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Sixteen-year-old Opal might be everything you hate in a person. She’s snobby, conceited, and has more popularity than she knows what to do with in her sunny and densely populated Florida city. In contrast, Jack, nicknamed “Alaska” by Opal in regards to the quiet Alaskan town where he resides, is sweet, caring, and compassionate. The two are complete opposites in almost every way.

When Opal is whisked away to some unheard of town in Alaska to spend spring break with her older brother and brand new and annoying stepsister, she is not happy. After all, spring break is a time to tan and lay by the pool, not freeze in the snow as you only get paler. But things get even more complicated when an accident leaves Opal and Jack lost in the middle of nowhere with nothing more than a survival backpack and each other. 

Though the two were brought together by chance and they disagree on practically everything, they now must rely on each other if they want to get back in one piece. With constant battles being thrown their way that seem nearly impossible to overcome, confessions that are bound to be unleashed, and the blossoming promise of second chances, there is no telling what lies ahead for these two. 

They only have one mission: find their way back to civilization in time before it’s too late.

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I like her but I hate the way she acts. I love her confidence and sass and ability to say what she thinks but I also really want her to get a taste of her own medicine and to get knocked down a few pegs
Wait you actually listened to her?
                              Even though my ego isn't as big as yours but i would never listen to her :3 
                              Yeah i freaking hate when people order me like that
chlohemmo chlohemmo Aug 07
while she probably couldve handled it better i wouldve been really annoyed too
She is totally right she may be a bitch (like me) but she does know the truth about everyone and isnt scared to say it to them i like her
I LOVE HER CHARACTER! I finally get to see the real side of a Queen Bee when in reality they just are confident somewhat bitchy badass honest person
She is right tho. You dont need love to be successful. Success comes from different parts its about reaching your goal and you achievements. My aunt is like 40 something and is happy single,rich ish,and successful.