The Wolf Baby

The Wolf Baby

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Kayy_B By Kayy_B Updated Jan 04

Nina Michaels was only a few months away from graduating University when she found out she's pregnant due to a one night stand. Trying to do what's best for her baby she contacts the man who impregnated her and decides to tell him about the baby.

Nina is relived when he does accept that he is the father of the child growing inside her but that is short lived once she finds out exactly who and what he is.

As his secrets are slowly exposed she knows her world will never be the same.

bitchplsstfu bitchplsstfu Dec 31, 2016
How does she memorize that sht, i barely remember my siblings birthdays
peaches4747 peaches4747 Sep 26, 2016
Actually, too much caffiene is bad, however 2, 4 oz. Cups in 24 hours won't hurt the child.
Koolz_901 Koolz_901 Jan 02
I read it "urghh ninja! Now I have your pee all over me"  
                              I'm stupid sometimes
Sway15 Sway15 Jan 07
I was conceived on Feb 14th, Valentine's day 😷😷 LOL, born 3 days after my due date.
___kk___ ___kk___ Sep 15, 2016
Pregnant women's red blood cell count double in the last trimester when the baby is soon to be due which causes a "glow"
TwisterRinger TwisterRinger Nov 05, 2016
He's probably THEIR Alpha and they feel the need to protect him?