All For Us (Book 2)

All For Us (Book 2)

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Chrisara, baby ✨. By QueenKlarity Updated Oct 18, 2017

The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, dead or alive, is entirely coincidental and beyond the intent of the author. Please note that the scanning, uploading, and distribution of this book via the Internet or via any other means without documented permission of the author is felonious and punishable by law. Copyright © 2013 QueenKlarity - QueenKlarity All rights reserved. 

Carter and Lanay are still going strong, but just with new surroundings and a new edition to their growing family. With Lanay rebuilding her career in Miami, Carter expanding his, and them both making room for a new baby, they still find the time to bond as husband and wife, and as bestfriends. Their love has grown stronger and they're standing taller and stronger than ever- but to every fairytale, there is obstacles.  

Things from the past starts to ease its way into their present, which could ultimately ruin their future. Can they withstand the pressure, lies, and deception or will they give up? Their love may be strong, but can they make it everlasting? 

         "Deeds done in the dark will eventually be brought to light."

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itz_ami_xo itz_ami_xo Aug 31, 2017
This is me bruh and then I sleep through the alarm and wake up thinking I slept for 10 minutes but I missed the bus💀
itz_ami_xo itz_ami_xo Aug 31, 2017
I remember the comment from the first book "A single tear is always sliding down her cheek"
ritzbitz101 ritzbitz101 Feb 11, 2016
Damn bbgirl don't even know how to have an attitude correct we gotta fix dat
BentOverBckwards01 BentOverBckwards01 Jun 07, 2015
I Been Having Attitudes In The Morning Since Forever And Still Do
yoursstrulyd yoursstrulyd Aug 24, 2014
They Always At Damn Saladworks They Salad Must Be The Bests OF Bests
00a000000000000b 00a000000000000b Aug 16, 2014
thats me buhhh no matta how long wen my body on snooze i wake up exactly 45 minutes later like not a minute earlier and not a minute later