It's all about Black (10 mates) - Finished

It's all about Black (10 mates) - Finished

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"... We are wolves, all of us, or partly, we are werewolves. All werewolf has a mate, which is the love of their life, more likely their soul mate, you are ours, meaning that the 10 of us, share you my love, as our mate, you are feeling connected to us, maybe not love yet, but you do feel something for us" Damon told me. My eyes widened in shock, Is he for real?


---  /    IT'S ALL ABOUT BLACK   \  --- 

What happens when a human girl meets not 1, but 10 werewolves claiming to be her mates?

Throw in a ghost, an alpha who is not willing to let his sons mate a human girl who causes more trouble than you can possibly imagine, a crazy cousin who knows how to piss off 10 very possesive werewolves, and her own parents who cares about nothing but themselves.

And that's not all. How about adding a little magic? 


Confused? read it and you will understand.

One thing is sure, being a human troublemagnet and having 10 mates is not easy.



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jsjhshj jsjhshj Jan 01
I removed my vote because the author didn't give the girl  power like whats the point like how u going to  make the girl forgive them like oh and honey the hostmom is dumb like how u going to leave someone with people u dont even know like should not be the host mom at all
KaterinaMuppets KaterinaMuppets May 30, 2017
Only reading this, because this sounds like a train waiting to happen. Choo choo hoes. 😏🚈
RileyBiersack RileyBiersack Aug 15, 2017
Depends on what county you're in and what time of year it is. I'm in Pennsylvania and have a family who does hunting. But I don't let them hunt what few wolves we have. That's a big no-no.
mia-bethpane mia-bethpane Nov 07, 2017
I live in Australia and if I sat in the forest I have only two options of what will happen to me 1: I sit on a snake by accident cause it ain't my fault they look brown like dirt and 2: a spider come and bites me on the ankle. Any way I probs die
botherinq botherinq 2 days ago
Go to Wisconsin. You’ll see em on the sides of the road and WI got gooood cheese curds deadass
If I were there I would’ve taken a knife with me, and when this happened I would’ve been like: *gets out knife* any of you get any closer and the rest of you are getting a sister.