It's all about Black (10 mates)

It's all about Black (10 mates)

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"... We are wolves, all of us, or partly, we are werewolves. All werewolf has a mate, which is the love of their life, more likely their soul mate, you are ours, meaning that the 10 of us, share you my love, as our mate, you are feeling connected to us, maybe not love yet, but you do feel something for us" Damon told me. My eyes widened in shock, Is he for real?


On a holiday in the US, Miley a young human girl meets 10 guys on a walk in the woods. The guys are brothers and not just any brothers, but the Black brothers, sons of one of the most powerful alphas in the world. 

If you haven't guessed it, they are werewolves.

At first sight they know that Miley is the mate they have been searching for, and there is no way they are going to let her go.

But one girl and ten guys is not the typical love story. All 10 of them are very possessive and dominant, and Miley wants to see the world, they aren't exactly the obvious match.

I can barely remember the names of those in a book with 10 characters, so 10 and we're not even done? Nah.
I only have three sisters and a month old nephew😂😂😂
I'm not gone lie.... My ass would have went straight to the woods
Well a gangbang is gonna happen here. The detectives here are gonna have some cleaning up to do.
estephang estephang Nov 24
Id get why always selena i mean not to be rude or something. ... isnt there any other artist to use?