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Prisoner (sollux x reader)

Prisoner (sollux x reader)

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InhabitedMind By InhabitedMind Updated Jul 20, 2014

When you see somethig you arent suppose to can get you into a heep of trouble. (Reader) find herself captured by a group of trolls and kept prisoner. Whats gonna happen ? Read to find out

*when I have my phone and laptop* 
                              Laptop: *playing music*
                              Phone: *Im on wattpad roleplaying not saying s**t about anything*
Kawaii_Song_Princess Kawaii_Song_Princess Jul 09, 2016
Pfft I wouldn't mind being kidnapped by the trolls. Unless it was Sober!Gamzee.
Kawaii_Song_Princess Kawaii_Song_Princess Jul 09, 2016
I'm reading this cuz I was bored.
                              LES' GET DIS PARTY STARTED *Backflips out window* I'M OK!
                              (Don't take me seriously -.-)
WeepingCrow899 WeepingCrow899 Sep 25, 2016
Updated Facebook status:
                              I was captured and I got bored and drew this 
                              *Insert doodle of captorer(it's a pun)*
Rxndom_Fxndom_Trxsh Rxndom_Fxndom_Trxsh Oct 03, 2016
Update :
                              Lmao guys i was knocked put by some alien hottie #Lol #NeverLeaving #fuk And he like said i aint leavin and i think he's aboutta butt rape me
SeannaRWatters SeannaRWatters Jul 06, 2016
Updated Facebook status:
                              Lmao just got knocked out and imprisoned by a hot alien with horns n shiz, he said imma be here forever so don't touch my effin stuff Kay bro? Ya I see you eyeing my airsoft that ain't yours u prick x3