Hidden Behind Everything Happy

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Samantha Bailey By samsababi Completed
I have never been the kind of girl who would give up or run away, but when life seems to be falling apart all around you, your life crumbling like a hillside in a freak storm, how do you react? Do you stay strong for the people around you, those people you love and want to protect, or do you show your insecurities and allow your softer side to make an appearance?
    If a person didn't want you to know something, someone so close to you that the lie cut deep into your soul. Could you trust them again? 
    When the boy you've loved for such a long time deserts you when you need him, where do you go?
    Two deaths. One birth. A burning hatred. A heated desire. Sex. Destruction, and belief in your own self.
    Join the story of Sophie, a nineteen year old who's been through enough to rival even the most brutal of heartbreak. So maybe you want to hear about something extraordinary. But this is the story of a normal girl, who had to grow up fast. From child to adult Sophie makes her way through life, and this is her journey...
I am intrigued  :) It sounds very different and unique! It is defiantly an undiscovered gem :) I'm surprised it isn't more popular, because it sounds really good! Poor Sophie though :(
You've totally got me hooked to this book, definitely going into my library, it makes me want to read more and more and never put the book down. i really enjoyed this chapter i can only imagine the rest. i feel bad for sophie though
This is so......AMAZING!I wonder what will happen in the future already put this in my library, I probably won't be able to put it down. :)
Sounds SO good!  I'm adding this to my library to read!  Love it!
Omg this sounds so interesting!! I've never read anything like this before!! Cant wait to read!!!<3 Thank you again for everything! Making my trailer and fanning me! Means so much!!! Loving this book, your a really great writer!!
I enjoyed it alot. I dont know Sophie but I feel like I do and I feel bad for her yet I understand her mom's predicament too.  Keep writing, you can only get better.