The Boogeyman ➳ z.m. au

The Boogeyman ➳ z.m. au

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❝hannah❞ By irishiwasabrit Updated Sep 20, 2014

Do you remember when we used to play hide and seek? 

I had so much fun knowing that I had a friend to play with every night. I remember the nights when you would lay there under the blankets in your room, shaking with anticipation because you knew I was there, but you just couldn't see me. You thought I couldn't see you.

But I could. 

Every night, since you were young, I have let you win. The fun was in the game. You're older now and we haven't played in quite a while. Perhaps we should start again. I'm getting bored with hide and seek, though. I don't have to let you win anymore.

So, tonight the game is tag and I'm it.

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exoticbieber exoticbieber 6 days ago
this reminds me of when enzo died in the vampire diaries and bonnie was screaming idk why
sickasfricksisters sickasfricksisters Feb 07, 2016
Yes it was awesome! Remember that one time I was hiding on the top shelf on a closet and when you opened the door I acted like I was possessed and jumped on you so you ran to the church and told them to perform and exorcism on me? True story.
no_human_emotions no_human_emotions Sep 25, 2016
I just shivered so hard.... And it felt niiiiiicccceeee 😩
lemonade-mouth lemonade-mouth Mar 28, 2016
                              pompeii by nightcore is my fave song lol
Yeah! And remember that time I went outside to hide in the trash can and the garbage truck almost killed me?! True story boi.
Whoever reads this he will be coming to your house tonight shirtless  at midnight. Be warned