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Melting A Frozen Heart ~ A Rivaille/Levi Ackerman Love Story ~ Attack on Titan

Melting A Frozen Heart ~ A Rivaille/Levi Ackerman Love Story ~ Attack on Titan

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Rin By lucidrebel Completed

In the beginning, Chisaki Matsumoto is straightforward and narrow-minded, all of her intentions within joining the Survey Corps being the privilege to exit the walls and exterminating all titans. Although, not everything is as it seems; her encounters with the fated Corporal Levi changes her perspective on the world. She learns what it means to value one's feelings, and how strongly she places another's life above her own, not hesitating once to protect the ones she loves. Not only that, she finally acknowledges that sometimes, she must listen to her own feelings too, especially when it comes to love.

When her love with Levi sparks, she is thrown into a world of both turmoil and exuberance, pulling in others for her to cherish in her heart. Along her journey beside him, she meets many a soul and sees many leave the world; a grave lesson, she learns, is that death... is unforgiving.

After a near-fatal encounter with titans on her way to save the kidnapped Eren, she learns a cursed story that will forever scar her every being, leading to a fork in her path of life: one of despair, filled with agony and lament, and one filled with paradise and the faces of her loved ones.

But, she is blindedーblinded by her very own haunted past that is embedded into her skin,  but it is within her own willpower and choice to choose which path to venture down.
[Though she seems like the perfect soldier, the perfect weapon to fight against our one enemy, she is very, very flawed. No matter how powerful, there will always be a mistake within her.]
Shingeki No Kyojin © Hajime Isayama
MAFH © @LucidRebel
BEAUUUTIFUL Cover is by @NeonVolts! ♥

MyDayliteShow MyDayliteShow Oct 04, 2016
Her last name kinda reminds me of murisakibura from Kuroko no basket or mayimura
ImmortalCabbage ImmortalCabbage Oct 08, 2016
yuuswaifu yuuswaifu Aug 08, 2016
So we have a titan slayer, a devil slayer, and a bunch of dragon slayers
TheDevilsSpawnXD TheDevilsSpawnXD Aug 08, 2016
I bet that different thing about her is she's a Titan too!!!!!!!!
endlee78 endlee78 Sep 27, 2016
                              I think it about that his loved died or went to find her a bf
omya218 omya218 Dec 13, 2016
@FlpnNrgts I read some good ass lemons bout Levi and WHOOP I'm reading his fanfics now lololol