Melting A Frozen Heart ~ Levi Ackerman x OC ~ Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin

Melting A Frozen Heart ~ Levi Ackerman x OC ~ Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin

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Chisaki Matsumoto a bloodthirsty soldier who lives for the sole purpose to destroy the titans. But as straightforward as her plan is, not everything in the Survey Corps as it seems. Her encounters with the fated Corporal Levi changes everything as she knows it. She learns to acknowledge the sacrifices that must be made to protect those she cherished most.

When her love with Levi sparks, she is thrown into a world of turmoil and recovery, and from then on, her love only grows. Along her vast journey, she builds unforgettable friendships, but she is taught a grave lesson: death... is unforgiving.

After a near-fatal encounter with titans on her way to save an abducted friend, Chi learns a cursed story that will forever scar her every being. It leads to an unmasking that denies everything she has ever known, forcing her to make a decision that could lead to either her salvation... or her demise.

But she is blinded. She is blinded by her past that is embedded into her very own skin,  but it is within her willpower to decide whether the fate of humanity shall prevail. Will she find the strength to defy the world?
[Though she seems like the perfect soldier, the perfect weapon to fight against our one enemy, she is flawed. No matter how powerful she may be, there will always be a mistake within her.]
Shingeki No Kyojin © Hajime Isayama
MAFH © @LucidRebel

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He looks quite young for that age. My mother lied; she said that you have to be happy all the time to look young
Fanaticwolf Fanaticwolf Mar 10
A very well written intro :] I think I’ll enjoy this immensely
Fanaticwolf Fanaticwolf Mar 10
Fabulous trailer! Would that I had such editing skill and the means to make one ;-;
awesome video you have for the story! it made me want to read your story!
EiyaaEroxen EiyaaEroxen Mar 11
Yeah like he cant be 34. Hajime Isayama must be blind. He looks hot af to be that old.
EmotionlessInsanity EmotionlessInsanity Sep 19, 2017
The intro vid was very very good. I will enjoy this. HAHAHAHaahahaHahahA