I'll protect you (z.m/n.h)

I'll protect you (z.m/n.h)

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Hella Cute By LarryAndZiall Updated Jun 19, 2012

Niall is the most adored boy in school. With his innocent demeanour, all american boy looks, shy way of acting, and he is a musician. Everyone wants to be his friend. His best friends and room mates Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson rule the school. Every girl throwing themselves and boys throwing themselves at Louis who is open about the fact he is bi. Liam hooks up with girls daily but only really likes one. They are the populars that a seat at there table means you are IN!

Zayn is the bad boy, the one everyone stayed away from. His best, and only friend Harry Styles. He could have millions of friends, but he scares everyone away. Harry never leaves his side. Both boys clear halls in seconds. Zayn despises the bubbly blonde everyone adores and wishes he was gone.

The cliche of being forced to work together, will bring the two so much closer!

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8boysplus1ruinedme 8boysplus1ruinedme Jul 25, 2014
First ziall fanfic! i ship it as a bromance though but hey I ain't judgin' so how is it.....?
phildanup phildanup Jun 25, 2014
Oh my god I literally ship every one in one direction. I dont know.
ChrisPrattsy ChrisPrattsy May 27, 2014
                              Niall: *In room dancing* HELL YEAH
digitalashton digitalashton Apr 26, 2014
im excited to read this because it's my first time reading a ziall fanfic. recently I started shipping it so here I go
CazJack CazJack Nov 29, 2013
I can't even remember if I've read this or not but I'm just going to read it again