I'm Pregnant With His Baby! And I'm 16?!

I'm Pregnant With His Baby! And I'm 16?!

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Hello my name is Meranda, and my story starts 1 month ago. I was at a party with my boyfriend Andrew,next thing i knew he exploded inside me,I was crying from pain and plesure,it was my first time. Now i'm sitting in my bathroom crying. How am i going to tell my mom,Andrew and worst of all my brother. All i see is a smiley face. " how", i said in a shaky breath.I looked in the mirror and see myself , a jet black my hair goes to the begging of my butt and Crystal blue eyes with specks of brown I'm skinny ,nice rack and butt.


 -- 1 hour later--

 I leave the bathroom and go downstairs and text Andrew,COME QUICK!", I say in all caps. In 3 minutes I see my boyfriend, his brown hair messy on his head and his brown worried eyes. "what happened ?", he said fast. I don't wanna lose him, I've had him for 2 years. " Andrew ...........I'm pregnant." i said a tear rolled down my face."Really ,how long?" he asked looking happy." 1 month" i...