I'm Pregnant With His Baby! And I'm 16?!

I'm Pregnant With His Baby! And I'm 16?!

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Hello my name is Meranda, and my story starts 1 month ago. I was at a party with my boyfriend Andrew,next thing i knew he exploded inside me,I was crying from pain and plesure,it was my first time. Now i'm sitting in my bathroom crying. How am i going to tell my mom,Andrew and worst of all my brother. All i see is a smiley face. " how", i said in a shaky breath.I looked in the mirror and see myself , a jet black my hair goes to the begging of my butt and Crystal blue eyes with specks of brown I'm skinny ,nice rack and butt.


 -- 1 hour later--

 I leave the bathroom and go downstairs and text Andrew,COME QUICK!", I say in all caps. In 3 minutes I see my boyfriend, his brown hair messy on his head and his brown worried eyes. "what happened ?", he said fast. I don't wanna lose him, I've had him for 2 years. " Andrew ...........I'm pregnant." i said a tear rolled down my face."Really ,how long?" he asked looking happy." 1 month" i...

dezi12345 dezi12345 Jan 11
"We layer" omfg. This story could bre good but your crappy grammar makes it ass
bruh this made me want to do my homework you NEED more details
ChelseaMayLengadams ChelseaMayLengadams May 30, 2016
best thing is I have black hair and blue eyes to although my eyes are more of a sea blue