-my hope// junghope

-my hope// junghope

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—phillip. By -hazyseok Completed


" heartbreaks & chaos." 

- my second book

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Bangtang95 Bangtang95 Oct 17, 2017
I’m so sick of it you’re so sick of it never listen never listen I scream and shout sorry I miss victorious
enchantaes enchantaes Aug 13, 2017
~but i'm anticipating future chapters! this chapter was rlly intriguing ^^
WiloBee WiloBee Nov 26, 2017
Ok bud, go out after eating and sing for money, maybe dance to. Then go buy yourself a warm jacket, a beanie, a newspaper and food + a large water bottle. Start searching for soup kitchens and home b hunting
Z-Hope Z-Hope Nov 20, 2017
He always suffers neck issues even in real life *LIKE ME and thts hurts so MUCH*
Z-Hope Z-Hope Nov 20, 2017
Is that jacket he likes!!! Of the stage that he borrowed for his v live?
this was so good, i honestly loved it very much and i'll be sure to read the next chapter and waiting for the other ones! you have a talent. ❤️