Queen of Cups - on hold

Queen of Cups - on hold

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Jess Wesley By jesswesleybooks Updated Sep 15

** A Wattpad featured story! Highest rank #42 in Chicklit. 😍 **

Eloise Fine's neighbourhood cafe is threatened when a national coffee chain moves in next door. Then Julian encourages her to stand up for what's right: family and integrity and ... love? But Julian seems too good to be true -- and what's too good to be true often is.
". . . she may as well have risen into the sky and replaced the sun, because her smile was the warmest thing he'd seen all week."

Queen of Cups is a sweet romance about fighting for the things you believe in.

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Well then, Mister Snooty My-cleaner's-better-than-yours Pants.
heyhannahj heyhannahj Sep 11
I'm not sure if you're planning on doing any revisions, but the second half of this paragraph sounded pretty awkward to me.
I immediately want to know more about Ellie! She's a great character!
heyhannahj heyhannahj Sep 11
This actually shows some ccharacter. Apologizing takes guts.
LOVE 'flour-covered Julian of the megawatt smile.'   That's a great line!  :)
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