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Rough. (Boyxboy) [ON HOLD]

Rough. (Boyxboy) [ON HOLD]

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_ By Rabby_ Updated Apr 04, 2014

Noah's need to have his boyfriend in his life, has him changing himself into a person he doesn't want to be. Time after time the one he 'loves' cheats, lies and uses him like no other, but one day the lies and constant cheating are too much, he needs a break, time away to clear his thoughts and  become the person he used to be before Jason, before all the lies, heartbreak and shit he used to deal with.      Cain Acosta. The biggest and well known fighter in the underground MMA circuit. When hes in the ring, hes all in, mind and body, he's there to win. Not much for words he lets his action do the talking. All around women and men are fawning over him, wanting to get to know the quite Adonis like fighter.  One night Noah's best friend Anna drags him out to the after party that her job has her working for. wanting him to let loose, have fun and party like they used to do.   Little does Noah know, the V.I.P of the party is about make his presence known to the shy mouthy little brunette.

badbitch11 badbitch11 May 06
I don't think forcing someone to do something they don't wanna do is gonna help
Xx_Adestria_xX Xx_Adestria_xX Apr 22, 2016
I'm in love with my bed, and we often have a threesome with the heating pad. ;)
iDunnEvenKno iDunnEvenKno Mar 31, 2016
Well, don't feel bad, I liked your blurb :) Drew me in pretty well, just like the other stories of yours! :D
Aesop19 Aesop19 May 19, 2016
I think its cool and interesting .
                              I know that i'm just like a dirt in the street but I want you to know that ' Your blurb is Great ! ' HeheXx
                              Sorry for the time you wasted in reading my comment . Ty .
I don't remember giving you the rights to use my life motto without gratuity 😕
DatOneArcher DatOneArcher Dec 17, 2016
Ohhhh mah Gahhhh. Why was I cloned? Is this another Cadmus stunt?!?!