The Ghosts of Dark Hollow (The Dark Hollow Chronicles Book 1)

The Ghosts of Dark Hollow (The Dark Hollow Chronicles Book 1)

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When a malicious spirit made flesh attacks seventeen-year-old Hannah Gares, she discovers that the Ghosts of Dark Hollow are more than just legends. The mystery deepens when a stranger arrives from Europe to reclaim his family estate, and Hannah finds herself inexplicably drawn to the haunted Blackshire Manor and its eccentric inhabitants, including  Sebastian Cravens, the dashing and dangerous heir to the estate.  As Hannah digs into the workings of a centuries-old mystery, she will uncover the truth about herself.

Part Two in the Dark Hollow series, "The Witch of Long Shadows" is now live.

The Ghosts of Dark Hollow is now available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon!

Cover design: Consuelo Parra
Model: Mjranum-stock.deviantart

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Lavapulse Lavapulse Aug 03
Nice. Two lines about this guy and I already have a sense of his character.
Lavapulse Lavapulse Aug 03
Ugh, yep. It happened.
                              Reminds me of the black-eyed children legends, where they kill you if you let them in.
Lavapulse Lavapulse Aug 03
This sudden perspective shift threw me for a loop. Maybe it would be helpful to skip a line?
Lavapulse Lavapulse Aug 03
Ugh I can relate to this though.
                              Please hold all inquiries until caffeine has been consumed~
Lavapulse Lavapulse Aug 03
☕Hannah needs to get drinking before it spills!
                              Why bring an open mug instead of a travel mug?
This is why we don’t pick up strays on the side of the road!