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US Marshal Alexander Girard often mixes business with pleasure. What better way to get what he needs than to have a little fun while doing so, and what he needs from his beautiful, sassy neighbor is information.  What he wants from her, however, will likely land him a slap to the face and a kick to the groin if he doesn't play his cards right. But he won't be deterred. He will gain her trust and get what needs. And when he does finally succeed at his mission, he's going to do what he always does...disappear.

Chess Montgomery has a wonderful life.  She runs a successful business (she can afford her half of the rent), has a great roommate (who refuses to do the dishes), and goes on plenty of dates (none to write home about).  And to top it off, her gorgeous new neighbor, Alex, is finally showing interest.  So what if her father abandoned her the night of her high-school graduation and her ex-fiance followed suit the night he proposed?  The honest, fun-loving, attentive Alex is nothing like them. He's a keeper.  

So, why does she start to feel like he's hiding something?

"I was calm but aroused...and not in good way." Probably my favorite line so far.
Interesting read! It's a nice change from the rich guy meets average girl themes I'm seeing on here. I personally haven't read anything involving witness protection in the romance genre. I plan on reading the rest!
                              The only issue is that it was just a tad too long, but that's just my preference.
He seems to be a strong character that will hopefully develop wonderfully in the future.
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I finally able to vote again!! Yay lol tho Wattpad only allows 100 votes daily </3
ayanz88 ayanz88 Sep 06
I am liking the character already.
                              He is determined and sure of himself.
ayanz88 ayanz88 Sep 06
Hey you have such a brilliant writing skill.
                              I was overdosed with too many mushy romance novels. This is a good change for me, I will surely continue reading this.
                              Good job.