She's a he? (HunHan)

She's a he? (HunHan)

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Love at first sight.. that was the feeling he had when he first saw this beautiful girl with a short hair one cold night.. Her eyes sparkle like the stars she was looking at.. 

    Then after that night he always went to the park to see that girl.. but he never have the courage to talk to her..

     Will he never knew that the girl he's in love with is actually a boy.

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I think.....*ahem*...... you need some.... glasses....... *cough* 
                              *cricket sounds*
loveshe101 loveshe101 Aug 06
My first language is baby language. Then my second is alien language. Plus my last language which is English. For some weird reason, I forgot my baby language so I'm stuck with alien and English.
Spanish is my first language and English is my second and i know a little of others but Im better at English that Spanish but I can't pronounce some things correctly in both languages it sucks knowing so many languages
My first language is English but my native tongue is Bisaya.
yxtasan yxtasan Nov 30
Rereading this omg this was the first fanfic I've ever read lmaooo
Bruh I wouldn't date no hoe if they said they'll kill themselves if I didn't -_- You ain't worth my time no more, stop being dramatic