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My Dragon Mate

My Dragon Mate

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tomoko-rockbell By tomoko-rockbell Completed

Dragons and werewolves hate each other. Dragon will kill any wolf they see. The reason for this, is that the dragon god and moon goddess hate each other.  But what if... What if the dragon god and moon goddess decided to mate a wolf and a dragon? They decide it's time for peace and mate them. How will they react to each other?                                             Roselina Rockbell is an omega who is badly beaten by her pack. She is chased  away and who's property does she run onto? THE FRICKING DRAGONS' PROPERTY! She currently can't smell, so while she's being chased being chased by her 'pack' members, she doesn't smell her mate. But he smells her. He is Gadjeel, the dragon king. Does he reject and kill his mate or does he make her his? Read to find out.

Aoooh_ Aoooh_ Oct 20, 2017
Anybody notice the similarities to Quinn Loftis' Grey Wolves series?
zappysinger zappysinger Sep 06, 2016
I think you need to put a bit more detail into it so you can live into it and not just  read and goose how the place and so on is. When I read I want to live into it and really feel it. That said, it was really good
Markie_poo Markie_poo Aug 07, 2016
QueenDankly QueenDankly Sep 10, 2016
Tips from me: Use caps when the character is screaming their lungs off or their voice is just loud
                              Ex: "IS THIS VOICE SUITABLE?" Her voice boomed.
HelenLock HelenLock Sep 19, 2016
Very good, I like  the quick pace of the story, you're straight to the point.
                              Maybe a little detail of were it happened, a bar or a cabin not too much detail just a sentence or two on location but other than that very good book would love to read the full book.
HowlingShadow101 HowlingShadow101 Jul 25, 2016
Hey, this is a great story and all, but I feel like you didn't put many transitional words into it.