I'm Back

I'm Back

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You know those moments when you feel neglected? Unwanted? Rejected? Knowing that I'm unwanted here. Knowing that my family doesn't love me, they don't care about me all they care about is their darling Ryan.Your gonna show love and affection to your eldest son? While you treat your own younger daughter like a slave? Like she's not worth anything? Wow, that's right. Please, you say your parents when your really not. 
While your beating and abusing me mentally and physically every damn day, what does it cost? Knowing that inside I'm broken? Showing you that I'm terrified and heart broken with what you do to me every damn day? What do you really hope to achieve? That's the question and there's always a answer. 

Mackenzie Winters is not your average 16 year old. She has to go through obstacles every damn day. She gets bullied at school and abused at home. Her parents don't care about her. Her brother Ryan, hated her since she entered this cruel world. She only had one person that cared about her, Riley Tanner. Riley Tanner was Mackenzie's best friend. She used to walk with Mackenzie every step of the way. Key word used to. When Makenzie finds out the soon to be alpha of the Moonlight Pack/ Ryan's best friend is her mate.

Meet Trevor your average 17 year old. Living his life by partying and having a good time. Girls practically worship the ground he walks on. When finds out that Mackenzie is his mate boy is he pissed. To him she's: fat, ugly, pathetic, weak, and the list goes on. He needs a beautiful, confident, and strong Luna to run the pack with him. 

Fast forward to 3 years later. Look at Mackenzie now 19 years old and is a bright eyed beauty than a so called fat girl. When she is needing to go to her old pack for pack business. She doesn't take it well. When she goes back how do you think the old pack reacts?

Like I said there's the question and there's always an answer. You just have to read and find out what happens.

  • bullied
  • forgiveness
  • love
  • mackenzie
  • mates
  • obstacles
  • overcome
  • rejected
  • secrets
  • trevor
y do i feel like your talking about mehh..i have a sad life i know
BritneyKinyua BritneyKinyua Nov 30, 2017
Are all Ryan's dicks cause I know wait nope all Ryan's are dicks I know from experience
GreekGeekMads GreekGeekMads Apr 08, 2017
Everyone's sharing there Ryan stories 
                              Can we just come to the conclusion that pretty much all Ryan's are dîcks😂
                              Except the very nice one that someone said they knew...
jhazminedonuts jhazminedonuts Apr 22, 2017
I, Jhazmine apologize for the innapropriate words that i chose to the statement that i have made I am deeply and truly sorry for the younger ones that have seen the action once again i apologize to my umforgivable mistake
                              Yours Truly, 
jhazminedonuts jhazminedonuts Apr 22, 2017
Yass gurrl yaass and sometimes i want to kill myself yah i know sounds pathetic bit the next day id be like bish i dont wanna i want to have lots of corgies first
Jinnified Jinnified Dec 03, 2017
You mean those moments when I'm with my older sister? Oh yeah yass for 18 years