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100% Pure Dominant Male

100% Pure Dominant Male

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A.R.Guthrie By AlyssaGuthrie849 Updated Mar 27, 2016

Renee Shane has trust issue's. Everybody leave's her at some point in life. Her parents left her when she was 8 in the park. When people found her, they took her to foster care. She does not talk to anybody. Some say she is mute, but she hear's them, they talk about her like she is not there.   There is no pointing talking. There's no point in living.  She hide's in her own world reading, wishing she could just dissolve into her books.When she was old enough she left.Nobody new it was her dream to become a writer. After a couple of year Renee is now 24 and has published her first book. So when she runs into the ravishing Italian God (aka Levi) on the way to Starbucks to celebrate. And I do mean run into , since she had her nose buried in the book she was currently reading. Let's just say it was life altering.  Levi Cole, Alpha of the Blazing Fire Pack had everything he wanted except one thing. His Mate. He has been dreaming about having a mate since he was little. Most wolves meet there mates when they turn 18. Levi is now 27 and still hasn't found her.He was on his way to Starbucks with his bate and third in command when he smelt he entrancing smell of caramel and mango. With his wolf Ranger yelling at him to follow it, he didn't have to think twice. He stopped as he spotted a girl with chocolate brown hair walking strait to him. Though she was not paying attention because she was reading. She walked right into him, but before she could fall he caught her about the waist. He knew instantly from the tingles and warmth that spread through him that he finally found her. His MATE.  He was whipped already and he did not even know her name yet. But he knew that he would do anything for her. But when she walks away his possessive and dominant wolf comes out and his wolf takes over. He ends up following her to her house and kidnaps her.   Will she let him in? Will she let him love her? 

WTF he fuckin kidnaps her that doesn't even make sense but I love it!
DianePayne3 DianePayne3 May 01, 2016
A few spelling mistakes otherwise it's a great way to start the book
yasminlol123 yasminlol123 Mar 07, 2016
this is oldie story, no offence i don't read books about characters over the age of 20 since i'm 15.
This is me, right here. She would be my best friend if I was in the book or she was real.
ibnessa ibnessa Feb 12, 2014
This sounds like a great story. Looking forward to reading more.
Higher-paradise Higher-paradise Feb 04, 2014
This sounds like it will be a good story! Please update so I can start reading:)