// FANZONED // D.S • Why Dont We

// FANZONED // D.S • Why Dont We

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xela;xela By queenbehindshadow Updated Apr 06, 2018

Two old friends.
two old lovers.
two old childhood bestfriends. two old souls.
two old hearts.
two old smiles. 
Two old memories.
Two old hopes.

what if? what if those two old sweethearts meet again. What if? the person who broke you before would be the one to come back with a whole new heart. What if? the person you knew you loved back then, is a whole new different person now. What if? everything's changed, what if? you just can't seem to reconnect. What if? one day, you decide to give up. What if? he doesn't want you to. 

What if those "What if" turns into something you've never expected for to happen. Well, what can you say? life is full of suprises. Wanna know what happened?

"He fanzoned me, Daniel Seavey fanzoned me. He fucking fanzoned me. Do you get what I'm saying? he fanzoned me."

Yeah, yeah that's what she said. Because, just like what I said. Things just don't turn out the way wanted it to be. There's more than what meets the eye right? most definitely right. Because behind the smiles of Daniel Seavey. There is a side that brings every coldness in his heart together.

Ray of sunshine? Daniel Seavey. Try to partner him up with Casey Davis. And you would wonder where the little sunshine went. 


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