Trust You  [Muslim Story]

Trust You [Muslim Story]

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21 year old Emaan Reyaz  lived a normal life as a teen and still can't get over the fact that she is now an adult. Her family has arranged a marriage to her mother's friend's son, Yassef Ibrahim, a boy who Emaan still yet despises for his actions and words. After moving in with each other the week after their nikah, Emaan still has lots to learn about him just as he has a lot to learn about Emaan. 

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Saharrxx Saharrxx Oct 22
Finally sudanese representation . Looks like a good book keep it up !! It's a good book I just know it from the first 2 sentences
Aww I'm glad you're happy, May Allah guide your way to heaven.
adilazahid adilazahid Sep 17
Okay seriuosly your mom do this to you? Is she out of her mind? I'm sorry for being rude but this is the fact - for me.
justcallmeemxx justcallmeemxx 4 days ago
we have the same name then just mine is spelled with one ‘a’
Sorry but I think that is more of a personal opinion than something that is true.
Subhanallah this is so so so ausome message. And I hope I can meet my destiny of love. Like you 😊😊😊😊