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Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios

Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios

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Tobysgirl11 By Tobysgirl11 Updated Jul 26, 2015

Slender man: you were walking in the woods where you usually went when you got ticked off. " stupid friends....." You mumbled before throwing a rock at the tree closest to you. Then as you heard the clink of stone hitting wood, you saw the face you realized most from all of the gossip at school. Slenderman. He walked up to you and you didn't scream or anything just stared. " you're not scared miss?" He asked you. You nodded your head. " well may I jion you on this walk through these lovely woods?" He asked you while holding out a long, white, bony hand. You slowly grabbed his hand with your tan one.

Jeff the killer: you looked at the mess displayed in front of you. You were panting heavily and crying hard. You just killed you're friends and family. You mom, dad, brother, best friend, they are all dead. You dropped the bloody knife and came on your knees. You cried in your knees for ten minutes and your ( h/c) hair got soaked in blood. " hey hottie."  You looked up to see a boy. About ...

I'm torn, should I read the Masky scenarios or the Hoodie scenarios?
AssassinWolfKids AssassinWolfKids Aug 11, 2016
I actually sometimes lounge around in a tee and my underwear...
Ravris:<follows Jeff and doesn't say a word>
                              Razor:<laughing insanely(She was the one who killed them all...Ravris couldn't stop her)>
a-scribes-words a-scribes-words Jun 28, 2014
Are you one of my friends who is back to torture me? Cos this is how they mess with me.
                              Friend: Ricki still likes her pickles long.
Anime_Angel15 Anime_Angel15 May 26, 2014
Yes of course that is important!!! Who doesn't love their pickles? Btw that wasn't meant to sound dirty or anything
69Hisoka69 69Hisoka69 Apr 29, 2014
Oh dear god...after seeing pics of way am I ever eating Bacon again! *Shivers at the thought* >~<