Writer Games: War of the Gods

Writer Games: War of the Gods

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Ghost and Rappy By RappyTheGhostiesaur Updated Feb 19, 2014

Panem: their land.

The arena: their battlefield.

You know them; now it's time to die for them.

Up in the Heavens, they have been battling for weeks. The two mightiest forces in Panem, clashing against each other until there is but one left to dominate. The trouble is... they're equal. Their arguments shatter the sky and wreck havoc on their country, which cowers in fear and wonders what to do. There seems to be no solution, and so, traditions continue until the answer eventually surfaces.

Only their tributes shall appease the almighty.

And so they are gathered: the only two capable of wielding the powers of those who destroy everything in their path. Two girls, both already familiar with the horrors that the Hunger Games arena can bring, merge their forces to offer the ultimate sacrifice. They and their plan are Panem's final hope, and that leaves only one question, a question you must answer for yourself...

Team Rodent, or Team Grizzly?