The Bad Boy Stole My Pudding Cup

The Bad Boy Stole My Pudding Cup

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Dezy By imhungryyy Updated Jan 19, 2015

No way.

It cannot be him.

Carter Fields is in my kitchen.   

The bad boy was in my kitchen, raiding my fridge.

I stepped out from behind the wall and coughed awkwardly. He turned around and let out a high pitched scream and dropped- my pudding cup! 

Oh, no he didn't. Someone better hold my earrings!  

"Give me my pudding cups!" I yelled, I swear I must have looked like a wildebeest.   I advanced towards Carter Fields, umbrella at the ready.   

No one messes with my pudding cups. 

No one.

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CosmicStarlight CosmicStarlight Dec 30, 2017
My parents straight up told have the cross and some holy water to make sure my boyfriend (if I ever get one) wasn't part of Satan. Meanwhile I'll just be off to the side eating whatever food I can find in the fridge.
CosmicStarlight CosmicStarlight Dec 30, 2017
I would legit just reach my finger and poke his nose. Then repeat that sequence until he gets annoyed.
Wth is with boys and their high pitched screams!?! Im being serious. Some jerk off in my Gym class was about to get hit by a dodge ball, so wut did he do? He screamed so high pitched, it HURT MY EARS!
Why tf r u asking lol😂😂😂 u should be running away😂😂😂
I would've honestly ran downstairs and grabbed a frying pan😂😂..unless it was a book that I LOVED.
trblumr trblumr May 15
My mom. I was out with friends in booty shorts, crop top, and she texted me saying, “Take the dogs out when you get home.” I didn’t get home until 3 am