The Tortured Angels (Phan)

The Tortured Angels (Phan)

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Katherine By Pen_Ink Completed

Me and Phil are gonna get through this, I'm not quitting now, I just need to keep trying, that's all.  I know things are bad right now, really, really bad.  But I still got Phil, and that must count for something, right?
    I know there's no way out, I know nothing can change who we are and where we're stuck, and I know Dan is holding out for something good to happen, but I know that's not gonna happen.  But I got to make sure Dan keeps fighting, because just maybe I can get him out of this.  He's all that matters now.

    Dan and Phil are human-avian hybrids thrown from one bad situation to the next.  All the way from a cruel experimental lab to a twisted circus.  Through all of this they've had each other, but even that may not be enough for them to survive.

    The first chapter doesn't display the story very well, so please, try and keep reading!
    Fandoms/Ships: Phan and Maximum Ride (sorta)
    Genre: Mainly angst, and some fluff
    Warnings: violence and abuse, gore, mentions of rape, homophobic slurs, literally almost anything horrible you can imagine, dm me if you have a specific concern just in case.
    Maximum Ride characteristics belong to James Patterson.  I obviously don't own Dan and Phil and respect the fact that Phan isn't real and I just think they could make a cute couple.

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itss-cass-you-ass itss-cass-you-ass May 07, 2017
Give me another week to mentally prepare myself before I read this again 
                              (seriously though, this caused so much trauma that even thinking of the name made me burst into tears... good job, and I mean it, seriously, this book is brilliantly evil)
And I want you to be repeatedly burned and revived so you can never escape the pain.
Dana0603 Dana0603 Jun 10, 2016
I haven't read maximum ride yet so hopefully I will next year xD
_Hoodles_ _Hoodles_ Mar 27, 2016
I think Tyler Oakley is the trainer the way he was described makes me think of him
Chelsm111 Chelsm111 May 15, 2016
When I read that he was hurtling shot puts at them In the sky I was confused 
                              I'm assuming was he using a cannon or somthing cuz shot puts can go distance but no height.... Was I wrong or...
bellakore01 bellakore01 Oct 21, 2016
Thanks for mixing my 3 favorite things. Maximum Ride, Phan, and books!