Cheating On A Cheater (Urban Fiction)

Cheating On A Cheater (Urban Fiction)

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Linda Hurd By LeenyLynn Completed

The question is how do you cheat on a cheater? Casey was madly in love with Everton that is until she found out what he was doing behind closed doors. His cheating ways caught up with him eventually, and Casey started cheating on Everton for his step-brother Warren. This novel is packed with attention grabbing chapters, suspense, and action. For the love, affection, companionship, respect, and money find out how far some people would go. Cheating on a cheater maybe a hard task to get accomplished after all. 

-New Orleans based novel

WARNING: The contents in this book are raw and uncut, so please take no offense. This story that you are about read is intended for readers 18+ due to the sexual content and language throughout this book. It may not be your bowl of gumbo neither is it appropriate for all audiences. This is for only a mature audience. Please read at your own discretion. 

-Leeny Lynn

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angb19 angb19 Sep 11
Soooo how y'all totally disregard the description ? It's not like she's in the right but he cheated first ?😗🤔
Haesel_48 Haesel_48 May 03
Girlll if you don't shut your mouth up. This man has a gun about to shot you and you going to speak those words so loudly so proud.
What school did you graduate from cause I live on the westban
There was so much dumb in that sentence I don't even know where to begin
........leave the apartment? You know that thing called a door, walk through it
EnvyTheKid EnvyTheKid Oct 12, 2016
omggg "turn back the hands of time"  is one of my favorite songs by r kelly