Forgive Me [Discontinued]

Forgive Me [Discontinued]

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Trouvaille By TheTrouvaille_ Updated Aug 31, 2018

"H-how long?..." I mumbled out as I choked on my sobs.

"How long, what?"

"H-how l...long were you waiting to tell m-me about your relationship with the other woman?" I managed to stumble out, looking at Nathan dead straight in the eye as I clenched my fist to my sides, waiting for him to answer me.

I could see how he face faltered a bit as he started to avoid my eyes.

"How long?!" I screamed as I pry off the hands on my shoulder and pushing his chest, causing him to stumble back a bit.

"Stel, it's not-"

"It's not what?! That you weren't kissing with another woman in your office?!"

"...How did you know?" He asked, panicked. He eyes enlarging in shock as he stood there frozen.

"I saw it!" I cried out. "I-I wanted to bring you lunch yesterday b-but you-" Sobs just escaped my mouth as tears were falling down like a rainfall, staining my cheeks.

"No, Stel. Listen-"

"I don't want to hear it." I said softly, cutting him off. 


Nathan White and Stella Miller are a newlywed couple. Everything was perfect between the two of them until Stella found out how Nathan was acting..."different". She started trying everything to fix this relationship until-


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