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Ember Reed thought her life couldn't get much more complicated. After facing tragic loss and rejection, she had learned to cover up her soft heart with a tough persona. The only people she trusted with her deepest secrets were her three brothers.                                        

But that all changes when Ember becomes the one thing she had always been fascinated by. 


"It is in the darkest skies that we see the brightest lightning."

  • dark
  • electricity
  • lightning
  • powers
- - Mar 28, 2017
A Camaro?!! I'm just.. going to... take the keys... thank you.. and drive off...
SingingOffKey SingingOffKey Dec 06, 2014
I like how her bedroom walls represents the colour eyes of her and her 3 brothers, 3 grey, 1 bright blue. Their eyes.
PenguinBiena PenguinBiena Jun 29, 2014
@SydneyElliot hahaha its okay :33  my school isnt tht tiny its like a normal school idk how much people though ill look it up later :p
PenguinBiena PenguinBiena Jun 18, 2014
okay creepy cz at my school is like totally no specified groups! no extrmely popular ppl or the nerdy ones! funny is tht every one knows everyone. and no its not like BOOM mini school its pretty normal size here :33 okay oops i told u i was gunna explode ur comments