Azure Stars

Azure Stars

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Lady By Lady_Lucia Completed

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In the depths of space, a woman gets picked up by a helping--and handsome--stranger when her ship breaks after a hit and run. They end up traveling together and she even resolves to help him in his bounty chasing. 

As the months pass, she feels her attraction for him growing, but even her blossoming emotions can't cover up the fact that something seems odd about him and his job. 

❖A short story divided into six parts.❖

Cover by Chocolov3r

  • action
  • badboy
  • bounty
  • cartel
  • cigarettes
  • darkpast
  • drugs
  • earth
  • hacker
  • jupiter
  • love
  • mars
  • murder
  • redhead
  • romance
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  • technology
centrifugal centrifugal Dec 20, 2015
i just love how you're able to effortlessly write scifi. Definitely jealous.  Amazing work.
Lady_Lucia Lady_Lucia May 01, 2015
@person-s Haha. It's not THAT oxygen enriched that it will blow up. XD
Lady_Lucia Lady_Lucia May 01, 2015
@Roguene Thanks for all your comments and continuing. Sooooo appreciated...;___;
FlightlessTales FlightlessTales May 01, 2015
I love it! Very well described, beautiful language and details. Mysterious, alluring, captivating, this is amazing so far c: I love how wrote this and kfndsgikdhngjkfdn it's so amazing I can't find words for it :p
Lady_Lucia Lady_Lucia Mar 28, 2015
@JustJuliet I wouldn't know. I don't watch Doctor Who. Had to google his name. >.<
Lady_Lucia Lady_Lucia Mar 22, 2015
@MazeWolf1114  It's never mentioned what he is, but I see no problem in you believing he's Puerto Rican. XD