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"that girl 
was quiet
but her mind


poems with stories, emotion, anxieties, love, message, suicide, tears and humor. 

+warning: poems may include suicide, melancholy, and self harm. if that bothers you guys, i apologize in advance.

hey there, why dont ya check out my poems just for fun? i'll be forever grateful,


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GoldieGoldfish GoldieGoldfish 3 days ago
this right here.  exactly what I want in life. XD so relateable. well written...
I have read this book the song of ice and fire: game of thrones..... Tyrion Lannister says this to Jon Snow while heading toward the Wall
GoldieGoldfish GoldieGoldfish 3 days ago
this is really good.  I'm definitely adding this book to my library and will keep reading! I swear I almost cried. This is very personally relatable; the ending.
This is so sad and relatable but I haven't found anyone who cares enough to help me yet):
Dunney23 Dunney23 Oct 12
Silky smooth with a sudden jolt at the end. You have talent for sure
_iamme_x _iamme_x Oct 11
First of all your so good at writing 
                              Second of all I feel like crying it was beautiful and had a strong message ♥