I Hate You Too (GirlxGirl)(GxG) [Editing]

I Hate You Too (GirlxGirl)(GxG) [Editing]

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LiuEunyoung By LiuEunyoung Updated Dec 16, 2016

Kaye, is what some people would call, a player. To her, all she was doing was giving cheerleaders a piece of the humble pie they all needed. Everywhere she goes, there's a trail of emotionally unstable cheerleaders, all thanks to her irresistible charms and her mission to break every single cheerleader she encountered. When she moved from London to the sunny California, where more prospects were bound to arise, she saw it as a test, to do more damage to cheerleaders than she has ever done before, to make them feel just even inkling of what she had to go through. Little did she know, her mission would come to a halt, for an even bigger mission she could not ignore. A mission she would have never seen herself doing, or even thinking about, until she met 'her'.

Ashley, despite being popular, rich and the head of the state champions cheer-leading team 'cherries', is probably the most humble and level headed person you will ever meet in San Antonio high school. But someone has started to get under her skin, and she finds herself doing and saying things she might have never done if they hadn't met in the first place.

Follow Kaye and Ashley in their journey of finding hate for each other. However, there is a fine line between love and hate, so who's to say it's a journey of hate, and not love.

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mjfeelz mjfeelz Nov 11, 2017
well, so far Kaye hasn't mentioned anything against cheerleaders so I'm confused about this question lol
OneAnimeFreak OneAnimeFreak Aug 17, 2017
5'1 :/ everyone's taller than me In the comments. Even the 5'2
I like the way this story is going....interesting characters as well.
Oh god, she called it yummy, abort mission, get out while you can.
AdventurouSoul AdventurouSoul Sep 01, 2017
Everyone is like "so brazen". Like, I do this all the time now that I'm out of the closet. It's the worst to be told you're leading someone on when you're 100% gay and the idea of flirting with a guy is unsettling