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Cheating Death

Cheating Death

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Phyllis Dean By TheKeyofE Updated May 17, 2012

Claire, a blonde haired, green eyed girl from California, was not expecting to be picked for the government's "Survive or Die" game.  However, on one particular night, a stranger took her choice from her by putting her name into their neighborhood's Jar.  Slightly provoked, she decided she would not tell her family of the news.  But what happens when her family gathers around the TV to watch the results?  Is she picked for the game or is she not?
Reagan is a angered 18 year old living in the state of New York.  His family, which consists of his mother and his younger sister, is in desperate need for money.  In the past he had promised his mother that he would join the game when he was 17, but circumstances delayed his fate for a year later.  From the first time he saw the "Survive or Die" logo on the TV, he knew he was going to be picked.
In the deepest Depression the United States have ever known, one girl and one boy from each sate (age 17 to 18) could place their names into Jars which would then be taken to the government to be sorted.  Once sorted, the boy and girl would be taken to an Island where their only provisions are two outfits, one for night and one for day, and a lunch for the first day.
If you ran into anyone you would kill them in fear that they would be the ones to win instead of you.  If you survived... your state could win up to a million dollars for food, road construction, and anything else they were struggling with.
(Yes, I got the idea from the Hunger Games, so the idea isn't mine.  BUT!  The characters and scenery are my own.)

- - Aug 26, 2012
(didn't finish typing >.<)
                              I saw the plot resemblance to THG after a while, but I like how you focus on two or more people at once! :D
ColdFirePlace ColdFirePlace Apr 14, 2012
What? Now his mom is sorry about his name being in the drawing?  Ah, she is so confusing.
                              I don't think Claire should keep this a secret.
TheKeyofE TheKeyofE Apr 11, 2012
@OTAKU_X3 Haha, I think I understood what you were saying because that's how I feel about it. :)
                              I have the next chapter up, and I'm working on the third chapter now :D  Hopefully it will be up soon!
TheKeyofE TheKeyofE Apr 11, 2012
@OTAKU_X3 When her mother was speaking...   :D
                              Well, I was trying and not trying at the same time lol.  I'm glad it sounds like it! :D
                              I'm working on the next chapter already! :D
TheKeyofE TheKeyofE Apr 11, 2012
@fuzzypenguin Oh no!!! No love triangles!  I can assure you that I hated that as much as you do!!!!!  Don't worry, Peter is just a friend.  He doesn't like her at all. :)
TheKeyofE TheKeyofE Apr 12, 2012
@ColdFirePlace If he doesn't survive he doesn't get the money.  They're going on hope.  I wouldn't want to be like that either.
                              Believe me, after the beginning part... it's not (I hope) going to be predicitable.