The Virgin Bet

The Virgin Bet

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"It's just an innocent bet."

The Virgin Bet:

Goal: Take Charlotte's virginity
Time limit: 30 days
1. He cannot fall in love with her. If he does, his friends have the right to tell her about the bet
2. She must consent, he cannot force her
3. Whoever loses must pay the price stated. No backing out
4. He has to film it. Nothing less than a video

Book 1: The Virgin Bet
Book 2: After The Bet

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AceQueen12 AceQueen12 Jun 07, 2018
Thats the way mine are and how they are gonna stay. Got a problem take it to my fist 😂
gravitymcz gravitymcz Jan 09
ugh never have i find it difficult to decide which one i like
1-800-CUTABITCH 1-800-CUTABITCH Oct 22, 2018
Kay so I see Cole, Harry, AND Andy, um yes a few of the celebs that make me question my gayness
1Disthebestbandever 1Disthebestbandever Aug 24, 2018
Good cast!!! Especially the boys!!! Liam, Cole, Harry, mmmm!!
Miss_Little_Fool Miss_Little_Fool Jul 04, 2018
I flipped and screeched like a vulture when I saw Andy. Wtf!? 😂😂
trulyxvic trulyxvic Nov 18, 2018
THERE ISNT A CONSEQUENCE IN SAYING NO but this line is the point if the book so ima let it slide