The Hostages

The Hostages

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Kat Blackwood By Mkr048 Updated Aug 12, 2017

What would you do to stay alive if you had a millisecond to choose? Would you become the enemy, or would you choose to die?

I was a  hostage, but now I am a captor. I have to be if I want to live, but will I be able to do what is necessary to stay alive? In a world where my choices are the difference between my life and death, and mistakes are not an option, how long will I survive? Will I be able to live with the consequences of my actions if I do make it out? 

"Mom, trust me," I say. This wasn't the plan, but plans can change. I can-I will-make it out of this. I don't know if it is my words or the man's gun or a combination of both, but my mother sits down. 
	My captor pulls me by my hair, yanking me down the stairs in the center of the theater. In seconds, we are at the bottom in front of the screen where everyone can see us. He forces me down to my knees and I am shaking. I am shaking so much. I can barely control myself. I know what he is getting ready to do, and it is confirmed when he speaks. 
	"If any one else tries that, you will all suffer the same fate as this girl. Mark my words." As he levels the gun at my head, my mother's scream echoes through the whole theatre.  

And I betray myself and my country.

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